PIEGA Classic 3.0 Loudpeakers [Limited Stock]

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"It's all very well sticking an AMT-1 tweeter in a box and standing back to wait for the plaudits, it's another thing to implement it into a design that will make the very most of the thing. That is what Piega has done here. A quite brilliant performance that can, if you're not careful take your breath away. Great value, the Piega 3.0 is a mighty speaker pairing and one that deserves close attention."

- Paul Rigby (The Audiophile Man)

Handcrafted Loudspeakers Made in Switzerland 

Over 30 years ago the first PIEGA loudspeakers came into existence in Switzerland on the banks of Lake Zurich. Four timelessly beautiful loudspeakers which – very un- usual for the time – premièred with aplomb in the perfect piano finish as standard. The quartet was fitted with an innovative chassis unit and the first LDR ribbon tweeter developed and fabricated by PIEGA. Over the coming decades, PIEGA progressed from these roots to become the leading manufacturer of ribbon tweeters and coaxial mid-range and high-range drivers, also known for its use of seamlessly rendered aluminum cabinets. The PIEGA Classic is a homage to the origins of the Swiss audio specialist. In their styling and materials, they evoke PIEGA's historical trajectory and allow lovers of classically styled loudspeakers access to the unique PIEGA ribbon technology.

AMT Ribbon Tweeter

The AMT-1 air motion tweeter offers highly resolved high-frequency sound thanks to its folded ribbons.

Large Low Midrange Driver

A 180mm MDS low midrange driver helps this 23 mm wide shelf box to provide an astonishingly powerful bass foundation.