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Stereo 230 Integrated Amplifier in Walnut

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Stereo 230 at a glance:

  • 115 watts per channel output
  • HDMI ARC connectivity function for high-quality audio in AV applications
  • Range of inputs for connecting analog and digital sources, including a built-in phono pre-amplifier for turntables
  • Bluetooth connectivity with aptX and AAC codecs for CD-quality audio
  • High-quality digital circuitry for excellent sound
  • Reliable and well-crafted design with classic LEAK styling


Stereo 230 in detail: 

The Leak Stereo 230 is a top-of-the-line integrated amplifier that delivers high-performance sound and style. With 115 watts per channel and a range of input options, it's perfect for modern audio and movie enthusiasts. The Stereo 230 also boasts a newly developed HDMI ARC function for top-quality audio in AV applications.

Connect your turntable, digital sources, or stream music via Bluetooth with the Stereo 230's built-in phono pre-amplifier and aptX and AAC codecs. We've made sure the digital circuitry in this amplifier delivers the same level of quality you'd expect from a standalone D/A converter.

In addition to its excellent performance, the Stereo 230 is designed with reliability and craftsmanship in mind. It combines contemporary performance with classic Leak styling to make it a standout piece in any setup.


Turntable Ready:

Experience exceptional sound quality with the included high-quality, low-noise turntable input optimized for moving magnet cartridges. The JFET-based circuit offers precise RIAA equalization, meeting industry standards for the best vinyl record playback.

Headphone Users:

Get the same performance as standalone headphone amplifiers, but at a lower price point with the dedicated amplifier circuit and current-feedback technology included for the headphone output. The high slew rate allows for exceptional output signal transitions, delivering a dynamic, detailed, and engaging performance with all types of headphones.

Conversion Without Compromise:

Enjoy ultra-low noise and high dynamic range of digital audio files with the included acclaimed ES9038Q2M Reference chip and ESS Technology's 32-bit HyperStream architecture with Time Domain Jitter Eliminator. The sampling rate goes up to a breathtaking 768kHz (PCM) and DSD512.


The included Audio Return Channel (ARC) connection makes this amplifier perfect for home AV applications, bringing the LEAK Hi-Fi pedigree to your screen as well.


Leak Audio Stereo 230 Firmware Bin File & Install Guide [Download]

Firmware Notes: Improved ARC functionality and compatibility (November 2023)

Leak Audio Stereo 130 & Stereo 230 USB Driver [Download]